Do you make reservations for boat slips?

Unfortunately, we do not.  Boat slips may be purchased, day of, at the lakeside store.  If you should arrive after store hours, the motel front desk can assist you with a courtesy slip for the night.

Are personal watercraft permitted on Lake Mohave?

Personal watercraft are allowed on 95% of Lake Mohave. Please check with the National Park Service at (702) 293-8990 or www.nps.gov for current guidelines.

Are there any fees or permits required by the National Park Service?

The entrance stations offer many benefits to the visitors, including a unique opportunity to inform everyone about the park facilities, programs, safety and services. In addition, the entrance stations offer a chance to collect user fees, assisting the Park Service in maintaining existing infrastructures and updating facilities as necessary.

User Fees:

$10.00 per person (valid 7 consecutive days)
$20.00 per vehicle (valid 7 consecutive days)
$15.00 per motorcycle (valid 7 consecutive days)
$40.00 per vehicle, motorcycle or individual (annual pass)

$16.00 per vessel (valid 7 consecutive days)
$50.00 per year, per vessel (annual pass)
*NOTE:  If you have any questions, please contact the National Park Service: (702) 293-8907. Fees subject to change.

Special Use Permits:

Any organized group who rents houseboats for a special event is now required to obtain a Special Use Permit from the National Park Service. This includes church groups, clubs, youth groups, etc. This does not include family reunions or just families who happen to get together for a vacation on the lake.

To obtain a Special Use Permit for Lake Mohave, please contact: Program Analyst, Ranger Division (702) 293-8948.